NovoConnect Software

NovoConnect Software allows you to wirelessly connect to the big screen from your Windows/Mac/Ubuntu computers. Up to four users can share screens simultaneously. Innovative annotation tools make it easy for everyone to join in the conversation. Wireless file sharing and voting/polling functionalities help keep everyone in the loop.
If nothing prompts from browser, download & run NovoConnect Software.
If nothing prompts from browser, download & run NovoConnect Software.
If nothing prompts from browser, download & run NovoConnect Software.
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How to Join a Meeting

Follow these simple steps to join a meeting
  1. Step 1. Make sure your computer is in the same network as the Novo device.
  2. Step 2. In NovoConnect Software, you have two options to join a meeting.
    • Select the desired Novo device from “Nearby Devices“, “History“, or “Device Directory“.
    • Or, manually enter Meeting ID, IP address or Meeting Room.
  3. Step 3. After joining,
    • Start presenting
    • Pause presenting

Start Your Collaboration

Other than projecting your screen to the big screen, you can enhance your meeting by sharing up to 4 screens simultaneously, or using the big screen as a extended desktop. More sharing tools are available in

Including YouTube/Video Clip, File Sharing, AirNote, & Voting/Polling, etc., all of which could help you conduct a collaborative and engaging meeting.

Screen Mirroring
Cross-platform screen mirroring lets everyone share from any device.
Screen Extension
Using a Novo device as screen extension is available for Win/Mac
Manage your USB control in-room with NovoConnect and preferred conference Apps
Annotate any content on your computer, facilitating in-depth discussion
Video & YouTube
Sharing local video clips or web videos without any compromise in video quality
Sharing PowerPoint files, photos, and video clips with all meeting participants via one simple click

How to un-install NovoConnect software

Case 1. If your NovoConnect software is not installed using an installation package, download and run the “Cleaner” software.
Case 2. If you install NovoConnect software using an installation package, please un-install the program following the standard Windows/Mac procedure.
Uninstall from start menu
Uninstall from control panel