Launcher Family

Launcher dongles allows you to wirelessly connect to a big screen from your Windows/Mac computers. Up to four users can share screens simultaneously. Innovative annotation tools make it easy for everyone to join in the conversation
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How to Join a Meeting

Make sure your Launcher dongle is paired to the desired Novo device. Then
  1. 1. Plug your Launcher dongle into your computer via a USB port.
  2. 2. If the Launcher software is not started automatically, double-click program “Launch Novo” found on the Launcher dongle.
  3. 3. When the center button is flashing red, press it to connect.
  4. 4. After joining,
    • Start presenting
    • Pause presenting

Start Your Collaboration

Other than projecting your screen to the big screen, you can enhance your meeting by sharing up to 4 screens simultaneously, or using the big screen as an extended screen. More sharing tools are available in , including Screen Extension, Video Clip etc. Alternatively, you can upgrade the Launcher software to the full-feature NovoConnect Software.

Screen Mirroring
Screen mirroring from Windows/Mac computers
Video & Youtube
Sharing local video clips or web videos without any compromise in video quality
Preparing your voting/polling ahead of time and see your voting/polling session in real-time
High Security
AES-256 data encryption and no internal storage (for LauncherOne) ensure data security and eliminate the risk of virus attack