Install Audio Adaptor on Mac computers

Audio Adaptor is an extension for MacOS, designed to create a virtual audio output device which NovoConnect Software for MacOS relies on to output audio properly.This article describes how to install Audio Adaptor on Mac computers.

NovoConnect Software and LauncherPlus/LauncherOne Software

  1. Download the installer: AudioAdaptor.pkg
  2. Double-click AudioAdaptor.pkg to start. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  3. Then it should complete successfully.

Additional Steps for MacOS 10.14+

  • Due to security and privacy changes introduced starting with MacOS 10.14, some additional steps are needed during and after the installation process.

Privacy and Sound

  1. Open the "System Preferences" and go to "Security & Privacy".
  2. Click on “Privacy > Microphone” and then check “NovoConnect Software”
  3. Now, your NovoConnect Software & LauncherPlus/LauncherOne software should be able to output audio.