Install Soundflower on Mac computers

Soundflower is a kernel extension for MacOS, designed to create a virtual audio output device which NovoConnect Software for MacOS relies on to output audio properly. This article describes how to install Soundflower on Mac computers.

NovoConnect Software and LauncherPlus/LauncherOne Software

  1. Download the installer: soundflower_2.0b2.dmg.
  2. Unzip and double-click Soundflower.pkg to start. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Additional Steps for MacOS 10.13 +

  • Due to security and privacy changes introduced starting with MacOS 10.13, some additional steps are needed during and after the installation process.

Security and Unidentified Developer

  • You may run into the following “unidentified developer” issue during Soundflower installation.

  • In this case, follow these steps to enable a successful installation:
  1. Open the "System Preferences" and go to "Security & Privacy". You should find “Soundflower.pkg” under tab “General”. Click on “Open Anyway”.
  2. When the following dialog shows up, click on “Open” to continue.

  3. Then, you can re-start the Soundflower installer and it should complete successfully.
  4. Lastly, even though not required, it is a good practice to restart your Mac after a successful installation.

Privacy and Sound

For MacOS 10.14 +, one additional configuration is needed regarding the audio output.

  1. Open the "System Preferences" and go to "Security & Privacy".
  2. Click on “Privacy > Microphone” and then check “NovoConnect Software”
  3. Now, your NovoConnect Software & LauncherPlus/LauncherOne software should be able to output audio.